Greeting Patriots,

Governor Hutchinson announced just yesterday that schools in Arkansas will be closed for in-person instruction through the end of the school year. While this announcement is not what many wanted to hear, it does finally provide some solid parameters for schools to use in planning for the remainder of the school year. Some information that we can now share:
1)    Students grades for the Spring semester will be determined by using the third nine weeks grades which were finalized prior to the initial closure of schools due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The same grade earned by the student in the third nine weeks will be assigned as the student’s grade for the fourth nine weeks. Therefore, the third nine-week grades earned by students will become their Spring semester grades in each subject.
Scoring of AMI packets days 1-10, which were intended to be assignments through April 3, will be factored in the semester grades only when the AMI score can improve a student’s final semester grade. If the scored AMI work does not improve the second semester grade- then the AMI scoring will not be used. For example, if Johnny earned a B grade for the third nine weeks in English, then he will be assigned a B grade for the fourth nine weeks in English. These grades will result in a B grade for Johnny in English for the Spring semester. If his English AMI packet scores improve the B grade sufficiently then his B grade could be adjusted to an A. If his English AMI scores do not improve his B grade significantly- then his Spring semester English grade will remain a B.
2)   Directions for submitting completed AMI packets for days 1-10 will be shared soon. Again, the days 1-10 packets are the only packets that you are to return.
3) AMI assignments from this point forward through the remainder of the school year will be distributed through our on-line platform Edmentum and directions for accessing that system are available on our website. For students with internet access issues, they can reserve a paper packet by calling 901- 504- 6452.
These new assignments WILL NOT BE GRADED but when combined with the ongoing engagement and support of our teachers will provide skill reinforcement and engaging learning opportunities for our students for the remainder of the school year.
 Much more to come…