As a point of clarification regarding the MSD informational meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m. January 16 in the Performing Arts Center, the purpose of the gathering is to assess the interest of our faculty and staff and a sampling of key stakeholder groups, regarding both the proposed Hybrid School Calendar and staggered start time concept.
All faculty and staff have received a blanket invitation. Specific invitations have been sent to members of both Certified and Classified PPC committees, parent
representatives selected by the building Principals from all MSD schools, as well as members of the High School and Junior High Student Councils.
Following the meeting, there will be a survey sent to all invitees to assess support or lack thereof for the respective proposals.
Any proposal that is supported by a significant percentage of invitees will become the topic of a widely publicized public meeting to be scheduled on a date prior to consideration of the topic by our Board.


For informational purposes, we have included below links to several publications from a variety of respected sources that speak to the science behind the rationale for these proposed modifications. 

Research for the hybrid calendar -->

Research for changing start times --->

Letter from Mr. Mickey Long, Jonesboro Public Schools Transportation Director -->