Krisma Smith, MJHS teacher, MHS Robotics Mentor was 1 of 24 mentors out of 300 applicants selected to attend the 2019 Air Force/FIRST Robotics Leadership Program. Of the 21 states represented, Ms. Smith was the only mentor in the State of Arkansas selected. This was our schools first year with a Robotics Team and we are extremely honored and proud to be apart of a once and a lifetime opportunity. The 24 mentors selected were flown to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio where they were trained exclusively on being effective leaders and teaching STEM/STEAM practices in their classrooms. The mentors were given private guided tours of the base including the research labs and the National Air Force Museum.

Any students (7-12th) interested in joining Robotics can speak to Ms. K.Smith (MJHS) or Mr. Mouritsen (MHS)